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Dana Lawton Dances
Modern Dance & Yoga

“Beyond This Moment”

January 3rd & 4th, 2014

Center Stage Theater

751 Paseo Nuevo

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Map & Directions

Phone: (805) 963-0408

Email: cstheater@sbcoxmail.com

Website: centerstagetheater.org

BUY TICKETS for January 3rd, 2014

BUY TICKETS for January 4th, 2014

Dana Lawton and her company return to the choreographer's home town. Fresh off a sold out run in Berkeley, Beyond This Moment, hits the road with a weekend of shows featuring the evening length modern dance performance with original live music from Santa Barbara and Bay Area musicians.

Beyond This Moment explores the idea of memories, both shared and individual, weaving through a lifetime of beauty, reflection, challenges and joy. For Dana, a Santa Barbara native to bring her work home is a wonderfully exciting proposition. Get your tickets now and help spread the word to friends and family in southern California

Dana Lawton - Modern Dance & Yoga Instructor.

Available for artist in residence, guest choreography and touring.

Study Dance with Dana Lawton:

Teaching Schedule at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley

Yoga Teaching Schedule

Dana is also available for artist in residence, guest choreography and touring.


Dana Lawton

email: bludance@aol.com

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